Deployment of the National Federal No Lead Law

May 31, 2014 • Radiant Floor Heating • Views: 261

The Federal US Senate Bill # S.3874 (“Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act”) was signed on Jan 04, 2011, and became Bill # 111-380. The federal law took effect on Jan 4, 2014.

The federal law will address lead content based on the calculation for lead in plumbing products. All States and territories are expected to be below the federal requirements.

The federal no lead law’s requires to reduce lead content within a plumbing systems and fittings intended for human consumption. The reasons listed by EPA to reduce lead content include the reduction of mental and physical developmental delays in children as well as high blood pressure and kidney problems in adults.

What products are affected by the new law? The law applies to all plumbing systems and components conveying water suited for human consumption. The law involves anyone offering plumbing products into the commercial market for potable water use and human consumption. All Hydronics Coomfort potable products are included in this legislation.

The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) is the government body responsible to implement and enforce the No Lead policy. Transition, monitoring procedures and audit will be announced, indicating how the public protection surveillance will be deployed.


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